• A Romanian hospital was recently subjected to a ransomware attack with hackers demanding payment in cryptocurrency.
• The attack left the medical institution unable to report to the country’s health insurance fund and receive due funding.
• Investigators believe that the hackers accessed the data remotely.

Recently, a hospital in Romania was the unfortunate target of a ransomware attack. The Saint Gheorghe Recovery Hospital in Botoşani, Northeastern Romania, had its computer servers compromised by hackers who encrypted the data and left a message in English, demanding to be paid in cryptocurrency to restore access to the files. According to local news outlet Monitorul de Botoşani, the perpetrators requested a ransom of 3 BTC (over $50,000 at current exchange rates).

Dr. Cătălin Dascălescu, the hospital’s managing director, spoke with journalists about the attack and said that law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation. The hack has been well-prepared and neither the computer specialists from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism nor experts working for the Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender were able to decrypt the information. Because of the attack, the hospital is unable to file its reports for the services performed in the last month of 2022 and receive the respective payments.

The attack has caused a significant disruption to the medical institution. Unfortunately, the medical staff are unable to receive their salaries due to the database being hijacked. However, officials at Romania’s National Health Insurance House have said they are working on a solution that will allow the medical staff to receive their salaries.

Dr. Dascălescu hopes that the hospital will be able to resume medical activity at normal capacity from Monday. He also has faith that the investigation will help to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. In the meantime, the hospital is continuing to take necessary precautions to ensure that its data remains secure.