On Friday, August 21, at 6:00 pm (-4 GMT), there will be a meeting entitled „#ScamNoBusiness: Challenging Crypto-Coin Scams“, a space where the key elements of a typical fraud or scam will be revealed.

The digital meeting is part of the already recognized „Cryptographic Fridays“, a space that is maintained by the lawyer Ezio Rojas and the engineer and trader Aníbal Garrido since March. Kevin Hernandez, business advisor and head of education of Venezuelan exchange Veinte, Jean Mejías, trader and youtuber, and Gino Latini, audiovisual producer, will be present at the meeting to discuss this issue.

In the meeting, some recognized cases of frauds and swindles that have emerged in the financial market and in the crypto ecosystem will be presented to the public, in order to dissect which are the proper elements that are detected in a swindle and thus „discover the anatomy of a scam“, as the organizers of the virtual event say.

Scams in the crypto ecosystem

This week it was news that the top representatives of the AirBit Club were accused of fraud and money laundering by US authorities. According to U.S. authorities, the money given to the top managers of the now-declared scam never invested in the mining or crypto-currency trade they promised their investors, instead it was used to buy luxury goods for those now accused of running the Bitcoin Rush fraudulent scheme.